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Zhitomir oblast (Zhytomyr oblast)

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korosten city coa
korosten city fl
korostenskii rayon coa
korostyshev city coa 1779
korostyshev city coa n18336
kryvotyn selo coa
kryvotyn selo fl
kulishi selo coa
kulishi selo fl
kyianka selo coa
kyianka selo fl
lubarskii rayon coa
lubarskii rayon fl
luginskii rayon coa
luginskii rayon fl
lyubar pos coa
lyubar pos fl
mal hlumcha selo coa
mal hlumcha selo fl
malin city coa
malin city fl
malinskii rayon coa
markushi selo coa
markushi selo fl
medvedeve selo coa
medvedeve selo fl
moklaky selo coa
moklaky selo fl
narodyckyi rayon coa
narodyckyi rayon fl
nedelische selo coa
nedelische selo fl
nehvorosch selo coa 1792
nehvorosch selo coa XVIII
nikolaevka selo coa
nikolaevka selo fl
novograd volynskii city coa
novograd volynskii city coa1796
novograd volynskii city coa1863
novograd volynskii city fl
olevsk city coa
olevsk city fl
olevskii rayon coa
olevskii rayon fl
osovka selo coa
osovka selo fl
ovruch city coa 1641
ovruch city coa 1796
ovruch city coa 1997
ovruch city coa proj kene

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