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Zhitomir oblast (Zhytomyr oblast)

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podluby selo coa
podluby selo fl
popelnianskii rayon coa
popelnianskii rayon fl
pyatka selo coa
pyatka selo coa 1587
pyatka selo fl
radomyshlskii rayon coa
radomyshlskii rayon fl
radomysl city coa 1796
raihorodok selo coa
raihorodok selo fl
romanivskii rayon coa
romanivskii rayon fl
romanov rayon prcoa n18614
romanovka selo coa 1791
romanovskii rayon coa1
romanovskii rayon fl1
rudna ivanivska selo coa
rudna ivanivska selo fl
ruzhitskii rayon coa
ruzhitskii rayon fl
ruzhyn city coa
ruzhyn city fl
ruzinskii rayon coa
ruzinskii rayon fl
ryasne selo coa
ryasne selo fl
ryhalskoe selo coa
ryhalskoe selo fl
serbo slobidka selo coa
serbo slobidka selo fl
serby selo coa
serby selo fl
seredy selo coa
seredy selo fl
sergievka selo coa
sergievka selo fl
simakovka selo coa
simakovka selo fl
skakovka selo coa
skakovka selo fl
skrahlovka selo coa
skrahlovka selo fl
stepanivka selo coa
stepanivka selo fl
symony selo coa
symony selo fl
taiky selo coa
taiky selo fl

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