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Zhitomir oblast (Zhytomyr oblast)

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andrievychi selo coa
andrievychi selo fl
andrushevka city coa
andrushevka city fl
annopil selo coa
annopil selo fl
baranovka city coa
baranovka city fl
baranovskii rayon coa
baranovskii rayon fl
barashi selo coa
belkorovichi selo coa
belkorovichi selo fl
berdichev city coa 1846
berdichev city coa n9078
berdichev city coa proj 1864
berdichev city coa proj XIX
berdichev city fl
berdychevskii rayon coa
berdychevskii rayon fl
berezivka selo coa
berezivka selo fl
bereznyky selo coa
bereznyky selo fl
bobryca selo coa
bobryca selo fl
budo bobryca selo coa
budo bobryca selo fl
buriaki selo coa
buriaki selo fl
bystrik selo coa
bystrik selo fl
chernahov selo coa
chernahov selo fl
chudnov1796 city coa n7032
denyshi selo coa
denyshi selo fl
emilchinskii rayon coa
emilchinskii rayon fl
g1084 zhitomir city
g1156 andrushovka rajon
grishkovtsy pos coa
grishkovtsy pos fl
hazin selo coa
hazin selo fl
ilnitsa pgt coa 1844
irshansk city coa
irshansk city fl
karvynivka selo coa
karvynivka selo fl

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