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Zaporozhye oblast (Zaporizhia oblast)

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Berdjansk fl
Militopol big
akimovskii rayon coa
akimovskii rayon fl
aktanysh rayon coa
aktanysh rayon fl
berdjanskii rayon coa
berdjanskii rayon fl
chernigovskii rayon 2 coa
chernigovskii rayon fl
dneprorudnoe city coa
dneprorudnoe city fl
energodar city coa
guljaipole city coa
guljaipolskii raion coa
gusarka selo coa
gusarka selo fl
kamensko dneprovskii rayon coa
kamensko dneprovskii rayon fl
kirilovka selo coa
kirilovka selo fl
kuibysevskii raion coa
melitopol city fl
melitopolskii raion coa
mihailovka selo0 coa
mihailovka selo0 fl
mihailovskii raion coa
mihailovskii rayon fl
militopolskii rayon fl
novonokolaevskii rayon coa
orehovskii rayon coa
orehovskii rayon fl
pologi city coa
pologi city fl
pologovskii raion coa
pologovskii rayon coa
priazovskii raion coa
priazovskii rayon fl
primorsk city coa n9082
rozovskii raion coa
rozovskii rayon fl
stepanivka persha selo coa
stepanivka persha selo fl
tokmakskii raion coa
vasilievka selo coa
vasilievka selo fl
vasilievskii rayon fl
vasiljevskii rayon coa
veselie pgt coa

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