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Zakarpatye oblast (Zakarpattia oblast)

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beregi selo coa
beregovo city coa
beregovo city coa2007
beregovo city coa XIV XIX
beregovo city fl
beregovskii rayon fl
bilki selo coa 1844
bilky pos coa
bilky pos fl
chinadieve pgt coa 1843
chop city coa XIX
chop city coa n18510
chop city fl n18511
chornii ardov selo XIX
dolgoe pgt coa 1880
dovge pgt coa XIX
goronda selo coa
goronda selo fl
hust city coa1992
hust city coa XVII XVIII
hust city coa XX
hust city fl
ilnica pgt coa 1844 2
ilnitsa pgt coa 1844
irshava city coa XIX
irshavskii rayon coa
irshavskii rayon fl
khust city coa n3246
kidosh selo coa XVI XX
korolevo pgt coa XIX
kosiny selo coa XVIII XX
mezgorie pgt coa XIX
mezgorskii rayon coa
mukachevo city coa1999
mukachevo city coa XIX XX
mukachevo city coa XVI
mukachevo city fl
niznije vorota pgt coa XIX
perechin pgt coa 1823
perechinskii rayon coa
perechinskii rayon fl
rahivski rayon fl
rahov city coa XX
rokosovo selo coa
rokosovo selo fl
sevlyush city coa 1908
shalanki selo XVII
sinevir selo coa
sinevir selo fl
sol selo coa

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