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Voronezh Region

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rogachevskoe selo coa
rossosh city coa
rossosh city coa 1972
rossosh rayon coa n11876
rossoshanskii rayon coa
rossoshanskii rayon fl
rossypnyanskoe sp coa
rossypnyanskoe sp emb
rossypnyanskoe sp fl
rusanovo selo coa
rusanovo selo fl
russkogvozdevskoe selo coa
russkogvozdevskoe selo fl
sadovoe selo coa
semiluki city coa
semiluki city fl n11879
semiluki selo coa
semilukskii rayon coa
semilukskii rayon fl
shuberskoe sp coa
shuberskoe sp fl
sklyaevo municipality coa n15062
sklyaevo municipality fl n15063
sklyaevskoe selo coa
sklyaevskoe selo fl
somovskoe selo coa
somovskoe selo fl
stadnitckoe selo coa
stadnitckoe selo fl
starovedugskoe selo coa
starovedugskoe selo fl
strelickoe city coa
strelickoe city fl
stupino selo coa
stupinskoe selo fl
su 37 fps banner
su 37 fps emb
suhdoneckoe selo coa
suhdoneckoe selo fl
talovskii rayon coa
talovskii rayon fl
ternovskii rayon coa
ternovskii rayon fl
troitskoe selo coa
troitskoe selo fl
trudovskoe selo coa

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