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Volyn oblast

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lutsk city coa n7813
lutsk city coa proj2
lutsk city coa proj
lutsk city fl2
lutsk city fl 2007
lyuboml city coa
lyuboml city coa n3310
lyuboml city fl
manevichskii rayon coa
manevichskii rayon fl
matseev pgt coa 1575
milanovich selo coa 1678
naviz selo coa
naviz selo fl
nova vyzhva selo coa
nova vyzhva selo coa1
nova vyzhva selo fl
nova vyzva city coa1732
noviy zahoriv selo coa
noviy zahoriv selo fl
novovolynsk city coa n18452
olyko pgt coa 1564
privetnoe selo coa 1790
ratno pgt coa 1440
rovnoe selo coa
rovnoe selo fl
rozische city coa1
rozische city coa 1598
rozische city fl
serehovici selo coa
serehovici selo fl
shatsk city coa
shatsk city fl
shatskii rayon coa
shatskii rayon fl
starovyzskii rayon coa
starovyzskii rayon fl
staryi chortoryisk selo coa
staryi chortoryisk selo fl
torchin pgr coa XVIII
torchin selo coa
torchin selo fl
vladimir volynskii city coa 1324
vladimir volynskii city coa 1911
vladimir volynskii city coa proj 1845
vladimir volynskii city coa proj 1860
vladimir volynskii proj 1860
vladimir volynskiy rayon coa n18450
vladimir volynsky rayon fl n20594
vladimirvolyn city coa n3308

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