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Volyn oblast

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berestechko city coa
berestechko city coa 1743
berestechko city fl
chevel selo coa
chevel selo fl
f1887 volyn obl
g1889 volyn obl
gorohovskii rayon coa
holopyci selo coa
holopyci selo fl
ivanichevskii rayon fl
ivanichi city coa
ivanichi city fl
ivanychivskyi rayon coa
kamen kahirskii city coa
kamen kahirskii city fl
kamen kashirskii rayon coa
kamen kashirskii rayon fl
kivertsi city coa
kivertsi city fl
kivertsovskii rayon coa
kivertsovskii rayon fl
kolki pgt coa XVI
kopacovka selo coa
kopacovka selo fl
kovel city coa1782
kovel city coa 1852
kovel city coa XVI XVII
kovel city coa n7822
kovel city coa proj 1851
kovelskii rayon coa
kovelskii rayon fl
ljublinets selo coa
ljublinets selo fl
ljuboml city coa XVI
lokachinskii rayon coa
lokachinskii rayon fl
lokacj pos coa
lokacj pos fl
lubeshovskii rayon coa
lubeshovskii rayon fl
lubomolskii rayon fl
lukov city coa
lukov city fl
lutsk city coa2
lutsk city coa 1911
lutsk city coa 2007
lutsk city coa XVIII XIX
lutsk city coa XVI XVII
lutsk city coa n3309

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