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Volgograd Region

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oktjabrskii pos coa2
oktjabrskii pos fl2
oktyabrsky r coa
oktyabrsky r fl
olenie selo coa
olenie selo fl
olhovka r prcoa 2011
olhovka r prfl 2011
olhovka selo coa
olhovskii rayon coa
olhovskoe selo fl
ombudsman kids r34 emb
ongudai sp emb
orehovskoe selo coa
orehovskoe selo fl
orlovskoe selo coa
orlovskoe selo fl
osichkovskoe selo coa
osichkovskoe selo fl
ostrovskaya municipality coa n31311
ostrovskaya municipality fl n31310
otrozhki municipality coa n32567
otrozhki municipality fl n32566
ozyorki sp coa
ozyorki sp fl
pallasovka city coa
pallasovka city fl
pallasovskii rayon coa
pallasovskii rayon fl
panfilovo municipality coa n32596
panfilovo municipality fl n32597
panfilovo sp coa
panfilovo sp fl
peregruznenskoe selo coa
peregruznenskoe selo fl
peskovatskoe selo coa
peskovatskoe selo dubovo coa
peskovatskoe selo dubovo coa 2007
peskovatskoe selo dubovo fl
peskovatskoe selo dubovo fl 2007
peskovatskoe selo fl
petrovskoe selo coa
petrovsky selo fl
pichuzinskoe selo coa
pichuzinskoe selo fl
pimeno cherni selo coa
pimeno cherni selo fl
pochep rayon coa 2001

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