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Volgograd Region

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kumylzhenskaya selo fl
kumylzinskii rayon coa
kumylzinskii rayon fl
kuzmichevskoe selo coa
kuzmichevskoe selo fl
lemeshkino sp fl
leninsk city coa
leninsk city fl
leninskii rayon coa
leninskii rayon fl
limannyi selo fl
limanskoe selo coa
lineyovo rp coa
lineyovo rp fl
lipovskoe selo coa
lipovskoe selo fl
loboikovo selo coa
loboikovo selo fl
log selo coa
loznoe selo coa
loznoe selo fl
lyapichev sp coa
lyapichev sp fl
maloivanovskoe selo coa
maloivanovskoe selo fl
matyshevo selo coa
matyshevo selo fl
mayorovsky selo coa
mayorovsky selo fl
medveditsa selo coa 2007
medveditsa selo fl 2007
medveditskoe selo coa
medveditskoe selo fl
medveditsky fl municipality n25027
medveditsky municipality coa n25028
melovatka selo fl
melovatskoe selo coa
mihailovka city coa
mihalovka city fl
mikhailovka city coa pre2010
mikhailovka r prcoa 2005
mikhailovka rayon coa
mikhalovskaya selo coa
mikhalovskaya selo fl
miusovskoe selo coa
miusovskoe selo fl

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