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Volgograd Region

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kotovo city coa
kotovo city coa1994
kotovo city coa
kotovo city coa 2006
kotovo city fl
kotovo city fl
kotovo city prcoas 2006
kotovo r fl 2006
kotovo r prcoa 2005
kotovo r prcoas 2007
kotovsky sp coa
kotovsky sp coa
kotovsky sp fl
kotovsky sp fl
kovalyovskoe municipality coa n31307
kovalyovskoe municipality fl n31306
kozlovskoe selo coa
kozlovskoe selo fl
krasnokorotkovsky sp coa
krasnokorotkovsky sp fl
krasnopolie sp coa
krasnopolie sp fl
krasnoseltsevskoe selo coa
krasnoseltsevskoe selo fl
krasnoslobodsk city coa 2010
krasnoslobodsk gp fl
krasnoyarskoe selo coa
krasnoyarskoe selo fl
krasnyi oktyabr pls selo coa
krasnyi oktyabr pls selo fl
krasnyi oktyabr sredneakhtubinsky municipality fl n25040
krasnyi pakhar municipality coa n31309
krasnyi pakhar municipality fl n31308
krasnyi yar city coa
krasnyi yar fl 05-2010
krasnyi yar municipality coa
krasnyi yar municipality fl
krasoktjabsakoe selo coa
kremenskaya selo fl
kremenskoe selo coa
kruglovka selo fl
kruglovskoe selo coa
ksp r34 emb
kulikovsky sp coa
kulikovsky sp fl
kumylzhenskaya selo coa

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