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Volgograd Region

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34 vlg f
34 vol8
Kuptsovo sp 3
Kuptsovo sp 8
Lemeshkino sp coa5
Lemeshkino sp fl4
Lopukhovka sp coa
Lopukhovka sp fl
akchernskoe selo coa
akchernskoe selo fl
aleksandrovskoe selo coa
aleksandrovskoe selo fl
alekseevskaya rayon coa 2005 n25265
alekseevskii rayon coa
alekseevsky rayon fl 2001 n23004
aleshnikovskoe selo coa
aleshnikovskoe selo fl
alexandrovka selo bykovsky coa
alexandrovka selo bykovsky fl
antonovskoe selo coa
antonovskoe selo fl
archive service r34 emb
atamanovka selo coa
atamanovka selo fl
belogorskoe selo coa
belogorskoe selo fl
belye prudy selo coa
belye prudy selo fl
besplemyanovsky selo coa
besplemyanovsky selo fl
bezymyanka selo coa
bezymyanka selo fl
bolshinskoe selo coa
bolshinskoe selo fl
bolshoe sudachye selo coa
bolshoe sudachye selo fl
bolshoi lychak selo coa
bolshoi lychak selo fl
borodochevskaja selo coa
borodochevskaja selo fl
bukanovskoe selo coa
bukanovskoe selo fl
bykovo municipality coa n25022
bykovo municipality fl n25021

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