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Vitebsk oblast

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liozno pos coa1
liozno pos coa n5306
lyntupy pos coa
lyntupy pos fl
mchs vitebsk obl patch n20397
miory city coa n5307
miory city fl
novolucolml city coa n5308
novolukoml city fl
novopolotsk city coa n5298
orehovsk pos coa
orehovsk pos fl
orsha city coa1
osveja pgt coa
osveja pgt fl
perebrodie selo coa
perebrodie selo fl
podsvilie town coa n27734
polotsk city coa 1781 n23382
polotsk city coa n5296
polotsk city fl
postavy city coa 1796
postavy city fl
roossony pos fl
rossony city coa n5300
senno city coa 1781
senno city coa n5299
senno city coa proj 1862
senno city fl
sharkovschina pgt coa
sharkovschina pgt fl
shumilinskii rayon coa
shumilinskii rayon fl
surazh1781 city coa n2500
surazh city coa n5301
tolochin city coa n5302
tolochin city fl
ukgb vitebsk obl emb n31650
ulla pos coa n6064
ushachi pos coa n5303
ushachi pos fl
verhnedvinsk city fl
verkhnedvinsk city coa 1781 n23373
verkhnedvinsk city coa n5304
vetrino poselok coa BY
vidzy pos fl BY
vitebsk city coa 1781 n23389
vitebsk city coa n5286
vitebsk city fl n5288
vitebsk customs banner

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