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Vitebsk oblast

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Novopolotsk fl
Vidzy pos coa BY
babinovichi city coa 1781
babinovichi selo coa1
baran city coa n5287
baran city fl
begoml pos coa
begoml pos fl
beshenkovichi city coa n5289
beshenkovichi pgt fl
bogushevsk pos coa
bogushevsk pos fl
bolbasovo pos coa
bolbasovo pos fl
braslav city fl
chashniki city coa n5290
chashniki city fl
disna citt fl
disna city coa n5291
dokshica city coa 1796
dokshitsy city coa n5292
dokshitsy city fl
druya poselok coa BY
druya poselok fl BY
dubrovno city coa n5293
dubrovno city fl
f1903 orsha city
g1707 orsha1620 city
g1708 orsha1781 city
g1709 orsha1967 city
g1996 vitebsk city
g2071 polotsk city
g2075 braslav city
g2076 postavy city
glubokoe city coa n5294
glubokoe city fl
gorodok city coa 1781 n23376
gorodok city coa n5295
gorodok city fl
janovichi pgt coa
kopys pgt coa 1781
kopys poselok coa BY
kopys poselok fl BY
lepel city coa 1852 n23377
lepel city coa n5305
lepel city fl
liosno city fl

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