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Vinnitsa oblast (Vinnitsa oblast)

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bar city coa
bar city coa 1540
bar city coa 1960
bar city coa 1984
bar city coa proj kene
bar city fl
barskyi rayon coa
barskyi rayon fl
bershad city coa n18454
bershadskii rayon coa
bershadskii rayon fl
braclav pgt coa 1792
braclav pgt coa XVIII XX
braclav pgt coa proj kene
chechelnytskyi rayon coa
chechelnytskyi rayon fl
chernivetskii rayon coa
chernivetskii rayon fl
dashev pos coa
dashev pos fl
f416 vinnitsa obl
g415 vinnitsa obl
gaisin city coa
gaisin city coa 1796
gaisinskii rayon coa
gaisinskii rayon fl
hmelnik city coa 1448
hmelnik city coa 1789
hmelnik city coa proj 1864
hmilnk city coa
hmilnk city fl
ilintsy city coa 1757
illinci city banner
illinci city coa
illinci city fl
illineckii rayon coa
illineckii rayon fl
jampolskii rayon coa2
jampolskii rayon fl
kachkovka selo coa
kachkovka selo fl
kalnyk pgt coa
kalynivka city coa
kalynivka city fl
kalynivskyi rayon coa
kalynivskyi rayon fl
khmelnitskii rayon coa
khmelnitskii rayon fl
kiblich selo coa 1744
kopaigorod pgt coa 1624

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