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U.S. Armed Forces

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127th communications sq emb n14369
128th logistics readiness sq emb n14398
129th signal battalion coa n11823
129th signal battalion dui n11822
12th air force emb n12688
12th air force plaque n12689
12th cavalry regiment coa n12191
12th cavalry regiment dui coa n12190
12th psychological operations btn coa n14131
12th psychological operations btn dui n14132
135th sustainment cmd dui n14435
135th sustainment cmd ssi n14436
136th military police battalion coa n12207
136th military police battalion dui n12206
13th cavalry regiment dui n12192
13th psychological operations btn coa n14134
13th psychological operations btn dui n14133
13th sustainment cmd dui n14437
13th sustainment cmd ssi n14438
143rd sustainment cmd dui n14439
143rd sustainment cmd ssi n14440
14th army ssi n12624
14th cavalry regiment dui 12193
14th psychological operations btn coa n14135
14th psychological operations btn dui n14136
14th transportation btn coa n12577
14th transportation btn dui n12576
151st signal battalion coa n11805
151st signal battalion dui n11804
156th information operations btn coa n14098
156th information operations btn dui n14099
158th cavalry regiment coa n12174
158th cavalry regiment dui n12173
15th army ssi n12625
15th cavalry regiment coa n12195
15th cavalry regiment dui n12194
15th psychological operations btn coa n14138
15th psychological operations btn dui n14137
167th sustainment cmd dui n14441
167th sustainment cmd ssi n14442
16th cavalry regiment coa n12197
16th cavalry regiment dui n12196
16th psychological operations btn coa n14139
16th psychological operations btn dui n14140
16th signal battalion coa n11807
16th signal battalion dui n11806
172d communications flight emb n14384
172nd cavalry regiment coa n12170
172nd cavalry regiment dui n12169

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