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U.S. Armed Forces

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8th psychological operations btn dui n14117
8th sustainment cmd dui n14459
8th sustainment cmd ssi n14460
8th transportation brigade dui n12598
902nd logistics readiness sq emb n14405
916th logistics readiness sq emb n14406
916th logistics support sq emb n14411
917th logistics readiness sq emb n14407
91st military police battalion coa n12227
91st military police battalion dui n12226
92nd logistics readiness sq emb n14408
92nd military police battalion coa n12209
92nd military police battalion dui n12208
93d bomb sq emb n14386
93th military police battalion coa n12211
93th military police battalion dui coa n12210
94th combat communications flight emb n14383
94th intelligence sq emb n11096
95th civil affairs brigade dui n14500
95th civil affairs brigade ssi n14501
95th communications sq emb n14379
95th military police battalion coa n12213
95th military police battalion dui n12212
961st airborne air control squadron emb n12681
962nd airborne air control squadron emb n12682
963rd airborne air control squadron emb n12683
964th airborne air control squadron emb n12684
96th military police battalion coa n12215
96th military police battalion dui n12214
99th reg support cmd dui n14427
99th reg support cmd ssi n14428
9th army ssi n12623
9th psychological operations btn coa n14126
9th psychological operations btn dui n14125
acquisition corps collar insignia n11300
acquisition corps emb n11299
acquisition corps insignia n11301
acquisition support center dui n11302-right
acquisition support center dui n11302
acquisition support center ssi n11347
adjutant general corp emb n11057
adjutant general corp plaque n7011
adjutant general corps coa n11305
adjutant general corps coa n11305
adjutant general corps insignia n11304
adm assistant army secretary seal n11121
af information operations battlelab emb n11104
af information operations center emb n11105
af isr agency emb n11089
af materiel command emb n11352

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