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U.S. Armed Forces

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70th communications sq emb n11098
70th intelligence support sq emb n11097
70th mission support group emb n11101
70th mission support sq n11100
70th operations group emb n11103
71st airborne brigade dui n12668
71st battlefield surveillance brd dui n14104
71st battlefield surveillance brd ssi n14105
71st ordnance group dui n12607
73rd cavalry regiment coa n12178
73rd cavalry regiment dui n12177
75th ranger rgt coa n14109
75th ranger rgt csib n14112
75th ranger rgt dui n14110
75th ranger rgt ssi n14111
773rd logistics readiness sq emb n14404
786th communications sq emb n14381
789th communications sq emb n14382
78th communications sq emb n14378
7th air force emb n11148
7th airborne cmd & control squadron emb n12679
7th army dui n12631
7th army ssi n12630
7th fleet emb n11717
7th psychological operations group dui n14147
7th transportation btn coa b12592
7th transportation btn dui b12591
804th medical brigade dui n14243
804th medical brigade ssi n14242
818th medical brigade dui n14260
818th medical brigade ssi n14261
81st reg support cmd dui n14423
81st reg support cmd ssi n14424
81st training wing emb n12706
82nd airborne division csib n12670
82nd airborne division dui n12669
82nd airborne division ssi n12670
82nd training wing emb n12707
866th air expeditionary sq emb n14393
87th force support sq emb n14414
88th reg support cmd dui n14425
88th reg support cmd ssi n14426
8th air division emb n12680
8th army dui n12622
8th army ssi n12621
8th cavalry regiment coa n12189
8th cavalry regiment dui n12188
8th medical brigade dui n14259
8th medical brigade ssi n14258
8th psychological operations btn coa n14118

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