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U.S. Armed Forces

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51st military police battalion dui n12224
522nd special ops sq emb n14365
524th mil intelligence btn coa n12470
524th mil intelligence btn dui n12469
527th mil intelligence btn coa n12472
527th mil intelligence btn dui n12471
52nd combat communications sq emb n14376
532nd mil intelligence btn coa n12474
532nd mil intelligence btn dui n12473
55th wing emb n14394
560th battlefield surveillance brd csib n14107
560th battlefield surveillance brd ssi n14106
560th battlefield surveillance brigade duin 14108
56th communications sq emb n14377
57th wing emb n11115
59th readiness sq emb n14391
5th btn 14th marines emb n14299
5th cavalry regiment coa n12187
5th cavalry regiment dui n12186
5th fleet emb n11718
5th medical brigade dui n14256
5th medical brigade ssi n14257
5th psychological operations btn coa n14123
5th psychological operations btn dui n14124
5th special ops sq emb n14363
5th transportation command ssi n12601
608th air communications sq emb n14380
628th mil intelligence btn coa n12476
628th mil intelligence btn dui n12475
629th mil intelligence btn coa n12478
629th mil intelligence btn dui n12477
633rd force support sq emb n14413
63rd reg support cmd dui n14421
63rd reg support cmd ssi n14422
640th mil intelligence btn coa n12480
640th mil intelligence btn dui n12479
642nd mil intelligence btn coa n12482
642nd mil intelligence btn dui n12481
655th air expeditionary sq emb n14392
690th alteration & installation sq n11099
6th army dui n12619
6th army ssi n12620
6th fleet emb n11715
6th psychological operations btn coa n14115
6th psychological operations btn dui n14116
6th special ops sq emb n14364
6th transportation btn coa n12590
6th transportation btn dui n12589
704th military intelligence brigade dui n11114
704th military intelligence brigade ssi n11113

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