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U.S. Armed Forces

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3rd fleet emb n11716
3rd force reconnaissance company emb n12160
3rd marine aircraft wing emb n11745
3rd marine division emb n11752
3rd marine expeditionary force emb n11743
3rd marine logistics group emb n11749
3rd psychological operations btn coa n14122
3rd psychological operations btn dui n14121
3rd sustainment cmd dui n14431
3rd sustainment cmd ssi n14432
3rd transportation command dui n12599
3rd transportation command ssi n12600
40th military police battalion coa n12223
40th military police battalion dui n12222
423rd communications sq emb n14373
426th medical brigade dui n14255
426th medical brigade ssi n14254
432nd attack sq emb n14388
436th logistics readiness sq emb n14401
43rd logistics support sq emb n14409
446th logistics support sq emb n14410
461st support sq emb n14418
480th intelligence wing emb n11102
485th intelligence sq emb n11095
4th army dui n12618
4th army ssi n12617
4th cavalry brigade dui n12185
4th cavalry regiment coa n12184
4th cavalry regiment dui n12183
4th fleet emb n11713
4th force reconnaissance company emb n12161
4th marine aircraft wing emb n11747
4th marine division emb n11751
4th marine logistics group emb n11750
4th psychological operations group dui n14146
4th sustainment cmd dui n14457
4th sustainment cmd ssi n14458
4th transportation command dui n12604
4th transportation command ssi n12603
501st military intelligence brigade dui n11112
501st military intelligence brigade ssi n11111
502nd air operations sq emb n14389
502nd communications sq emb n14374
502nd logistics readiness sq emb n14402
505th operations sq emb n14390
514th logistics readiness sq emb n14403
519th mil intelligence btn coa n12468
519th mil intelligence btn dui n12467
51st communications sq emb n14375
51st military police battalion coa n12225

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