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U.S. Armed Forces

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321th mil intelligence btn dui n12449
322nd civil affairs brigade dui n14488
322nd civil affairs brigade ssi n14489
323rd mil intelligence btn coa n12452
323rd mil intelligence btn dui n12451
325th communications sq emb n14371
32nd intelligence sq emb n11093
32nd medical brigade dui n14248
32nd medical brigade ssi n14249
32nd transportation group dui n12595
337th mil intelligence btn coa n12454
337th mil intelligence btn dui n12453
341st mil intelligence btn coa n12456
341st mil intelligence btn dui n12455
344th mil intelligence btn coa n12458
344th mil intelligence btn dui n12457
349th mission support sq emb n14416
352d special ops support sq emb n14356
353d special ops maintenance sq emb n14368
353d special ops support sq emb n14367
354th civil affairs brigade dui n14490
354th civil affairs brigade ssi n14491
358th civil affairs brigade dui n14492
358th civil affairs brigade ssi n14493
360th civil affairs brigade dui n14494
360th civil affairs brigade ssi n14495
361st civil affairs brigade dui n14496
361st civil affairs brigade ssi n14497
364th civil affairs brigade dui n14498
364th civil affairs brigade ssi n14499
364th sustainment cmd dui n14429
364th sustainment cmd ssi n14430
368th mil intelligence btn coa n12460
368th mil intelligence btn dui n12459
36 transportation btn dui n12585
372nd mil intelligence btn coa n12462
372nd mil intelligence btn dui n12461
376th exp force support sq emb n14417
376th exp logistics readiness sq emb n14400
377th sustainment cmd dui n14455
377th sustainment cmd ssi n14456
378th mil intelligence btn coa n12464
378th mil intelligence btn dui n12463
37th training wing emb n12705
37th transportation group dui n12596
37th transportation group ssi n12597
381st training group emb n12708
38th transportation btn dui n12586
39th transportation btn coa n12588
39th transportation btn dui n12587

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