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U.S. Armed Forces

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173rd airborne bcteam dui n12675
173rd airborne bcteam ssi n12676
173rd communications flight emb n14385
175th medical brigade dui n14251
175th medical brigade ssi n14250
176th logistics readiness sq emb n14399
17th psychological operations btn coa n14142
17th psychological operations btn dui n14141
17th signal battalion coa n11825
17th signal battalion dui n11824
17th special ops sq emb n14362
17th training wing emb n12704
184th logistics sq emb n14397
18th airborne corps dui n12667
18th airborne corps ssi n12666
18th cavalry regiment coa n12172
18th cavalry regiment dui n12171
18th psychological operations btn coa n14143
18th psychological operations btn dui n14144
19th communications sq emb n14370
19th military police battalion coa n12217
19th military police battalion dui n12216
19th sustainment cmd dui n14443
19th sustainment cmd ssi n14444
1st air force emb n12690
1st air force plaque n12691
1st airborne cmd & control squadron emb n12678
1st army dui n12615
1st army ssi n12616
1st cavalry regiment coa n12167
1st cavalry regiment dui n12166
1st information operations cmd dui n14094
1st information operations cmd ssi n14095
1st marine aircraft wing emb n11744
1st marine division emb n11372
1st marine expeditionary force emb n11742
1st marine special operations battalion emb n11753
1st medical brigade dui n14244
1st medical brigade ssi n14245
1st psychological operations btn coa n14119
1st psychological operations btn dui n14120
1st signal battalion coa n11809
1st signal battalion dui n11808

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