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United Kingdom

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g uk
garter order arms n18689
garter order garter n18690
garter order star n18691
glasgow1866 city coa n11463
gloucestershire county GB fl
greaterlondon coa n3970
guernsey coa n7632
hamilton district coa 1975 n24824
hampshir county coa n60
hampshire county daily fl n9542
hampshire county ocassional fl n9543
herefordshire county GB fl
herefordshire county coa fl n24825
herefordworcester county coa n4025
herm coa n20238
herm fl n20239
humberside county coa n4447
huntingdonshire district fl n10421-2
huntingdonshire district fl n10421
inverclyde dist coa 1976 n27678
jersey coa n20240
jersey fl n20241
kent county GB fl
kilmarnock city coa
kincardine deeside dist coa 1977 n27679
kyle carrick district coa 1975 n24827
lancashire county coa n278
lancaster city coa n1057
lancaster duchy coa n6793
leeds city coa n12556
leicester city coa n12557
leicestershire county coa n12252
leicestershire county fl n12253
lincolnshire county coa n10984
lincolnshire county fl n10384
liverpool city coa n12558
lochaber dist coa 1976 n27680
london city coa
london city coa n4491
london city fl n934
london county badge n12561
london county coa n18562
londonderry1951 county coa n10625
maidstone city coa
man isle coa n6788
man isle fl n5065
man isle fl n5066
manchester city coa n30
merseyside county badge n12255

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