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aberdeen city coa n1131
abingdon city coa n6019
alderney island coa n1398
alderney island fl n4786
antrim1952 GAA fl n10622-2
antrim1952 county coa n10622
antrim town coa n10823
argyllshire county coa n915
armagh GAA fl n10596-2
armagh city coa n10596
armagh county histcoa n10595
avon county coa n9355
bath city coa n909
bedfordshire county coa n10452
bedfordshire county fl n10382
belfast city coa n10418
belfast city fl n9515
berkshire1947 county coa n12762
berkshire county GB fl
berkshire county coa n9941
berwickshire county coa n918
birmingham1889 city coa n10506
birmingham1974 city coa n10507
bolton mbc coa n4225
bradford city coa n6536
brighton city coa n6535
bristol city coa n3969
british army nonceremonial fl n12549
buckingemshire county fl
calne city coa n6019
cambridge city coa n912
cambridgeshire county coa n10821
cambridgeshire county fl
cardiff city coa n4746
cardiff city fl n9516
ceredigion county coa n779
cheshire county GB fl
cheshire county coa n10983
chester city coa n752
coleraine town coa n10824
cornwall county fl n10381
cornwall duchy coa n6794
coventry city coa n1202
cumberland county GB fl
cumberland county coa n3962
cumbria county coa n4216
derby city coa n6392
derbyshire county coa n10822
derbyshire county fl n10379
derry county gaa fl n10625

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