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Tver Region

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Knjashinskoe selo coa
andreapol city coa
andreapolskii rayon fl
avvakmovskoe selo coa
avvakmovskoe selo fl
belsk city coa
belskii rayon fl
bely 1780
belyi 1625
belyi city coa 1862
bezetsk city coa
bezetsk city coa 1862
bezhetsk1781 city coa n3815
bezhetsk city coa
bologoe city coa
bologoe city coa2010
bologoe city fl n10815
bologoe fl coa2010
borisovskoe selo coa
borisovskoe selo fl
datlovskoe selo coa
dmitrgorskoe selo coa
dmitrgorskoe selo fl
dorozaevskoe selo coa
dorozaevskoe selo fl
dorozhaevo municipality fl n23154
emmausskoe selo coa
emmausskoe selo fl
esenovichskoe selo coa
esinka selo coa
esinka selo fl
f1075 bezhetsk city
f1305 zubtsov city
f1637 tver obl
f1863 konakovo city
f1864 ostashkov city
firovo rayon fl n10814
firovsky rayon coa
g1395 kuvshinovo city
g1414 konakovo city
g1638 tver obl
g1697 staritsa city
g170 tver city
g1983 tver city
gorniatskoe selo coa
gorniatskoe selo fl
gorodenskoe selo coa
gorodenskoe selo fl
holoholenskoe selo coa
holoholenskoe selo fl

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