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Ternopol oblast (Ternopil oblast)

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kremenets city coa XVII
kremenets city coa n3311
kremenets city coa proj 1851
kremenets city coa proj 1874
kremenets city fl
kremenetskii rayon coa
kremenetskii rayon fl
krivche selo coa XVII
kudrintsy selo coa XVII
melnitsa podolskaja pgt coa
melnitsa podolskaja pgt coa XIX
melnitsa podolskaja pgt fl
mikulintsy pgt coa 1595
monastyriska city coa
monastyriska city fl
monastyrisskii rayon coa
monastyrisskii rayon fl
monastyryska city coa XVI
naraev selo coa XIX
naraev selo coa XV
nove selo selo coa
nove selo selo fl
okno selo coa
okno selo fl
ostrovets selo coa
ostrovets selo fl
ozerjany selo coa XIX
ozerna selo coa 1XVI
ozerna selo coa XVI
pochaev city coa2
pochaev city coa 1778
pochaev city fl
podgaetskii rayon coa
podgaitsy city coa 1539
podgaitsy city coa XIX
podvolochisk pgt coa XIX
podvolochisskii rayon coa
podvolochisskii rayon fl
probezna selo coa XVIII
rizdvyany selo coa
shumskii rayon coa
shumskii rayon fl
skala podolskaja pgt coa
skala podolskaja pgt coa XVI
skala podolskaja pgt fl
strusov selo coa XVI
suhostav selo coa XVI
tarnoruda selo coa XIX
terebovlansky rayon fl
terebovljanskii rayon coa

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