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Ternopol oblast (Ternopil oblast)

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terebovlya city coa n18487
ternopol city coa n18584
ternopol obl coa
ternopolskaja obl coa2
ternopolskaja obl coa 2003
ternopolskaja obl fl2
ternopolskaja obl fl 2003
ternopolskaja oblast fl
ternopolskiy rayon coa
ternopolskiy rayonl fl
toki selo coa
tolsloe pgt coa XIX
tolstoe pgt coa 1701
tolstoe selo coa 1720
ulashkivtsi selo coa XVI
ustie selo coa XIX
ustie zelenoje selo coa 1548
uzgorod city coa 1561
velikie berezhtsi selo coa
velikie berezhtsi selo fl
velikie berezhtsy village coa n18484
velikie borki city coa
velikie borki city fl
velikie borki pgt coa 1866
verbovets selo coa
verbovets selo fl
yablonovka selo coa XVIII
yagelnitsa selo coa XIX
yanov selo coa XVIII
zavalov selo coa 1729
zbaraz city coa
zbaraz city fl
zborivsky rayon coa
zborov city coa
zborov city fl
zbrov city coa XVII
zerebki selo coa
zolotoi potoc pgt coa XVI
zubov selo coa
zvenigorod selo coa XIX

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