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Ternopol oblast (Ternopil oblast)

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bavorov city coa
beloboznitsa selo coa 1909
berezany city coa XVII
berezany city coa XVIII XX
berezany city coa XVIII XX 2
berezhany city coa
bilche zolotoe selo coa XIX
bolshie berezki selo coa
bolshie berezki selo fl
bolshie gai selo coa
bolshie gai selo fl
borschev city coa
borschivsky rayon coa
borschivsky rayon fl
borschov city coa
buchach city coa XIX
buchachskii rayon coa
budanov city coa XVIII
budanov city coa XX
budanov selo coa
budanov selo fl
chortkov city coa
chortkov city coa 1929
chortkov city fl
chortkovskii rayon coa
chortkovskii rayon fl
gorodnitsa selo coa
gorodnitsa selo fl
grimailov pgt coa XVIII
gusjatinskii rayon coa
gusjatinskii rayon fl
horiglad city fl
horostkov city coa XIX
horyglad city coa
kordyshiv selo coa
kordyshiv selo fl
korolevka selo coa XIX
koropets city coa
koropets city fl
koshlaky selo coa
koshlaky selo fl
kozlov pgt coa XIX
kozova city coa 1996
kozova pgt coa
kozova pgt coa XVI
kozova pgt fl
kozovskii rayon coa
kozovskii rayon fl
krasovka selo coa
kremenets city coa

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