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Sverdlovsk Region

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kamyslov city coa 1981
karpinsk city coa
karpinsk city fl
kirovgrad city coa
kirovgrad city fl
klenovskoe selo coa
klenovskoe selo fl
koltsovo customs emb n20850
krasnopoljanskoe selo coa
krasnopoljanskoe selo fl
krasnoturiinsk city coa
krasnoturiinsk city fl
krasnoufimak city coa
krasnoufimsk1783 city coa n6685
krasnoufimsk city fl
krasnoufimskii rayon coa
krasnoufimskii rayon fl
krasnouralsk city coa
krasnouralsk city fl
krasturiinsk city coa 1967
kushva city coa
kushva city fl
kuznetsovskoe selo coa 66
kuznetsovskoe selo fl 66
leninsky rayon ekat emb n24714
lesnoi city coa
lesnoi city coa pre2009 n27383
lesnoi city fl
mahnevo pos coa
mahnevo pos fl
malahit omon badge
malahit omon badge0
malahit omon emb
malahit omon emb0
malahit omon smallemb
malyshevsk city coa
malyshevskii city fl
mchs ural gps institut patch n18391
mihailov city coa
mihailov city fl
nevjanskii rayon coa
nevjanskii rayon fl
nitsinskoe selo coa
nitsinskoe selo fl
nizhny tagil customs emb n20862
nizneserginskoe MO coa
nizneserginskoe MO fl
nizneturinskii rayon coa
nizneturinskii rayon fl
niznie sergi city coa 1969

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