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Sumy oblast

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nedrigailovskii rayon fl
oxtyrkii rayon coa
oxtyrkii rayon fl
petrov UV coa
putivl city coa
putivl city coa 1730
putivl city coa 1854
putivl city coa proj 1860
putivl city fl
putivlskii rayon coa
putivlskii rayon fl
romenskii rayon fl
romenskogo rayon coa
romny city coa
romny city coa2001
romny city coa 1782
romny city coa XVII XVIII
romny city coa proj
romny city fl
samotoivka selo coa
samotoivka selo fl
seredino budskii rayon coa
seredino budskii rayon fl
shostka city coa
shostkinskii rayon coa
shostkinskii rayon fl
smile selo coa 1740
sredino budskii rayon coa
sumskoi rayon coa
sumskoi rayon fl
sumy city coa n3294
sumy city fl
sumy flag
sumy gerb
trostjanets city coa
trostjanets city fl
trostyaneckii rayon coa
trostyaneckii rayon fl
velikopisarevskii rayon coa
velikopisarevskii rayon fl
voronex pgt coa 1750
vorozba city coa
vorozba city fl
yampol pgt coa 1742

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