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Sumy oblast

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ahtyrka city fl
ahtyrskii rayon coa
akhtyrka1781 city coa n3244
belopole city coa n18458
belopolskii rayon coa
belopolskii rayon fl
belopolye1781 city coa n7034
burynskii rayon coa
burynskii rayon fl
g1591 shostka city
g lebedin city
glinsk selo coa 1782
glinsk selo coa proj 1866
glinsk selo coa proj 1867
gluhov city coa1999
gluhov city coa 1782
gluhov city coa XVII
gluhov city coa proj 1867
gluhov city fl1999
gluhovskoi rayon coa
gluhovskoi rayon fl
grun selo coa XVIII
hmelov selo coa 1778
jampolskii rayon coa
jampolskii rayon fl
konotop city coa
konotopskii rayon coa
konotopskii rayon fl
konotp city fl
konstantinov selo coa 1753
korolevetskii rayon coa
korolevetskii rayon fl
krasnopolskii rayon coa
krasnopolskii rayon fl
krolevec city coa 1782
krolevec city coa XVI
krolevets city fl
kuzemin selo coa 1725
kuzemin selo coa 1759
lebedin1781 city coa n6492
lebedinskii rayon coa
lebedinskii rayon fl
lipovodolinskii rayon coa
lypova dolyna pos coa
lypova dolyna pos fl
lypovodolskii rayon coa2
lypovodolskii rayon fl
miropolie1781 city coa n6493
nedrigailov1781 city coa n7035
nedrigailovskii rayon coa

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