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Smolensk Region

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67 smo3
67 smo4
Khislavichskiy rayon coa5
Krasn 1625
Krasn 1863
demidov rayon coa
demidov rayon fl
desnogorsk city coa
desnogorsk city coa 1992 n23401
desnogorsk city coa 2004 n23402
desnogorsk city fl
dorogbuz 1780
dorogob 1625
dorogobuz city coa 1625
dorogobuz city fl
dorogobuzh city coa n23372
duhovsi 1859
duhovsin 1780
dyhovszhinski rayon coa
dyhovszhinski rayon fl
elna 1780
elnja city coa
elnja city fl
g1329 smolensk obl
g1699 yartsevo city
g611 dorogobuzh city
g640 smolensk city
g771 smolensk city
gagarin city coa
gagarin city fl
gagarinskii rayon coa
gagarinskii rayon coa2
gagarinskii rayon fl
gagarinskii rayon fl2
gbmse smolensk emb n25474
gzatsk 1780
hislavichskii rayon fl
hislavichsky r prcoa
holm-jirkovsky rayon coa
holm-jirkovsky rayon fl
holm zhirkovskoe city coa
holm zhirkovskoe city fl
izbirkom smolensk obl emb n23455
kadymovskii rayon coa
kadymovskii rayon fl
karmanovskoe selo coa
karmanovskoe selo fl
monastyrschinskii rayon coa

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