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dubnica nad vahom city coa n13520
dubnicanadvahom city fl n8436
dudince city fl n8437
dudnice town coa n13581
dunajska streda city coa n13521
dunajskastreda city fl n8438
f1333 slovakia
filakovo city fl n8439
filakovo town coa n13560
g slovakia
galanta city fl n8440
gbely city fl n8441
gbely town coa n13561
gbely town coa n20249
gelnica city fl n8442
gelnica town coa n13522
giraltovce city fl n8443
giraltovce town coa n13562
handlova city coa n13523
handlova city fl n8444
hanusovcenadtoplou city fl n8445
hanusovse nad toplou town coa n13563
henckovce city coa n8417
henckovce city fl n8452
hlohovec city coa n7880
hlohovec city fl n8446
hnusta city coa n7802
hnusta city fl n8447
holic city coa n13524
holic city fl n8448
hrinova city fl n8449
hrinova town coa n13582
humenne city coa n13564
humenne city coa n8450
hurbanovo city coa n8451
hurbanovo town coa n13566
ilava city coa n8452
ilava town coa n13565
jelsava city coa n8453
jelsava town coa n13559
kezhmarok city coa n7803
kezmarok city fl n8456
kolarovo city coa n13525
kolarovo city fl n8457
komarno city coa n7887
komarno city fl n8458
koshice city coa n7804
kosice city fl n8459
kosice city fullcoa n20250
kosice krai fl n7894

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