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tisovec town coa n13548
tlmace town coa n13488
tlmace town coa n13549
topolcany city coa n13489
topolcany city coa n13539
tornala town coa n13490
tornala town coa n13540
trebisov city coa n13491
trebisov city coa n13541
trencianske teplice town coa n13492
trencin city coa n13493
trencin city coa n7885
trencin krai coa n7888
trencin krai fl n7897
trnava city coa n7612
trnava krai coa n7891
trnava krai fl n7898
trstena town coa n13494
trstena town coa n13550
turciansketeplice city coa n7886
turvianske teplice town fl n13496
turzovka town coa n13551
turzovka town fl n13495
tvrdosin town coa n13552
tvrdosin town fl n13496
uhrovec city coa n7799
velke kapusany town fl n13498
velke kapushany town coa n13514
velky krtis city coa n13499
velky krtis city coa n13542
velky meder town fl n13500
velky saris town coa n13543
velky saris town fl n13501
velkymeder city coa n8399
vrable town coa n13544
vrable town fl n13502
vranov nad toplou city coa n13503
vranov nad toplou city coa n13554
vrbove town coa n13545
vrbove town fl n13504
vrutky city coa n8400
vrutky town fl n13505
zarnovica town coa n13515
zarnovica town fl n13506
zeliezovce town coa n13553
zeliezovce town fl n13507
ziar nad hronom city coa n13516
ziar nad hronom city fl n13508
zilina city coa n7910
zilina city fl n7900

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