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senec city coa n13597
senec city fl n8703
senica city coa n8423
senica city fl n8704
sered city coa n13575
sered city fl n8705
shurany city coa n7812
skalica city cia n7882
skalica city fl n8706
sladkovicovo city coa n7809
sladkovicovo city fl n8707
sliac city fl n8708
sliac town coa n13576
sliace town fl n8709
snina city coa n13577
snina city fl n8710
sobrance city coa n8398
sobrance city fl n8711
spisska bela town coa n13535
spisskabela city fl n8712
spisskanovaves city coa n7810
spisskanovaves city fl n8715
spisskastaraves city coa n7883
spisskastaraves city fl n8716
spisske podhradie town coa n13598
spisske vlachy town coa n13600
spisskepodhradie city fl n8713
spisskevlachy city fl n8714
stara lubovna city coa n13599
stara tura city coa n13601
staralubovna city fl n8717
staratura city fl n8715
stary smokovec town coa n13536
starysmokovec city fl n8719
strazske city coa n7811
strazske city fl n8720
stropkov city coa n7884
stropkov city fl n8721
stupava city fl n8722
stupava town coa n13578
sturovo city coa n13579
sturovo city fl n8723
surany city fl n8724
svaty jur town coa n13547
svatyjur city fl n8725
svidnik city coa n13537
svidnik city fl n8726
svit city fl n8727
svit town coa n13538
tisovec town coa n13487

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