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novabana city fl n8484
novadubnica city fl n8697
novaky city fl n8485
nove mesto nad vahom city coa n13588
nove zamky city coa n13529
novemestonadvahom city fl n8486
novezamky city fl n8487
partizanske city coa 1996 n20251
partizanske city coa n13530
partizanske city fl n13531
pezinok city coa n13589
pezinok city fl n8488
piestany city coa n13590
piestany city fl n8489
plaveckepodhradie city coa n7881
podolinec city fl n8490
podolinec town coa n13591
poltar city fl n8491
poprad city coa n13571
poprad city fl n8492
porubapodvihorlatom city coa n8421
povazska bystrica city coa n13572
povazskabystryca city fl n8493
presov city coa n7911
presov city fl n8494
presov krai fl n7896
prievidza city coa n13592
prievidza city fl n8495
puhov city fl n8496
rajec town coa n13593
rajecke teplice town coa n13532
rajecketeplice city fl n8497
revuca city coa n13573
revuca city fl n8498
rimavska sobota city coa n13594
rimavskasobota city fl n8499
roznava city coa n13574
roznava city fl n8500
ruzomberok city coa n13534
ruzomberok city fl n8501
sabinov city coa n13595
sabinov city fl n8698
sahy city fl n8700
sahy town coa n13513
sala city coa n13533
sala city fl n8699
samorin city coa n8422
samorin city fl n8701
secovce city fl n8702
secovce town coa n13596

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