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kralovskyvhlmec city fl n8460
kremnica city fl n8461
kremnica town coa n13567
kremnickebane city coa n8418
krompachy city coa n8419
krompachy city fl n8462
krompachy town coa n13583
krupina city coa n8394
krupina city fl n8463
kysuckenovemesto city fl n8464
leopoldov city fl n8465
levice city coa n8420
levice city fl n8466
levoca city coa n7613
levoca city fl n8467
lipany city fl n8468
lipany town coa n13568
liptovsky hradok town coa n13569
liptovskyhradok city coa n8469
liptovskymikulas city fl n8470
lucenec city coa n13526
lucenec city fl n8471
malacky city coa n7805
malacky city fl n8472
martin city coa n8395
martin city fl n8473
medzev city fl n8474
medzev town coa n13527
medzilaborce city fl n8475
medzilaborce town coa n13570
michalovce city coa n8396
michalovce city fl n8476
modra city coa n7806
modra city fl n8477
modry kamen town coa n13584
modrykamen city fl n8478
moldava nad bodvou city coa n13585
moldavanadbodvou city fl n8479
myjava city coa n13586
myjava city fl n8480
namestovo city fl n8481
namestovo town coa n13587
nemsova city coa n8397
nemsova city fl n8482
nitra city coa n7807
nitra city fl n8483
nitra krai coa n13511
nitra krai fl n7895
nova dubnica city coa n13528
novabana city coa n7808

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