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abrahamovce city coa n8401
adamovskekochanovce city coa n8402
andovce city coa n8405
babindol city coa n8406
balon city coa n8405
banov city coa n8406
banovce nad bebravou city coa n13512
banovcenadbbebravou city fl n8424
banska bela municipality coa n13557
banskabystrica city coa n7800
banskabystrica krai fl n7893
banskabystryca city fl n8425
banskastiavnica city coa n8407
banskastiavnica city fl n8454
bardejov city coa n7801
bardejov city fl n8426
baskovce city coa n8408
batizovce city coa n8409
beckov city coa n8410
beladulice city coa n8411
beloveza city coa n8414
benadovo city coa n8413
beniakovce city coa n8414
benkovce city coa n8390
benus city coa n8415
bernolakovo city coa n8416
betliar city coa n8391
biskupova municipality coa n13558
blatne revistia village n24836
bojnice city fl n8427
bojnice town coa n13555
botany city coa n8392
bratislava city coa n7609
bratislava city fl n7901
bratislava krai coa n7888
bratislava krai fl n7892
brezno city coa n7879
brezno city fl n8428
brezovapodbradlom city coa n8393
brezovapodbradlom city coa n8429
bytca city coa n13580
bytca city fl n8430
cadca city fl n8431
cierna nad tisou coa n13518
ciernanadtisou city fl n8432
detva city coa n13556
detva city fl n8433
dobsina city fl n8434
dolny kubin city coa n13519
dolnykubin city fl n8435

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