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Russian army and navy

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105th patrol ships brigade patch n18402
106division patch n10096
108 guards airborne regiment n18404
11th air army badge1
11th air army emb n20716
11th air army medemb
11th air army patch n20713
11th air army patch n20717
11th air army smallemb
11th air army standard
12th dep largeemb n7616
12th dep midemb n7615
12th dep patch n14279
12th dep standard n7617
137regiment 106division patch n10097
138th motorized brigade badge n22211
138th motorized brigade emb n22210
138th motorized brigade patch n22212
138th omsb badge1
138th omsb banner
138th omsb medemb
138th omsb smallemb
147th motorcar base generalstaff emb n19389
147th motorcar base generalstaff patch n19390
14th air army badge1
14th air army emb n20712
14th air army medemb
14th air army patch n20713
14th air army patch n21695
14th air army smallemb
14th air army standard
14th communication center gs emb
154th commandant reg badge n19399
154th commandant reg badge n19408
154th commandant reg emb n19398
154th commandant reg patch badge shirt
154th commandant reg patch medemb
154th commandant reg patch n19405
154th commandant reg patch round
154th commandant reg patch smallemb
155th marine brigade patch n12749
15central research institute emb n7468
16th air army 70 medal
16th air army badge1
16th air army emb n21696
16th air army medemb
16th air army patch

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