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Russian Honours

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300letrosflotu medal n5988
50letpobedy medal n5991
55letpobedy medal n5992
alexander nevsky order rf
alexander nevsky order ussr n20318
alnevsky ord n5508
andreipervozv ord n5517
bogdan khmelnitsky order 1st n17911
bogdan khmelnitsky order 2nd n17912
bogdan khmelnitsky order 3rd n17913
druzhba ord n5505
e octoberrevolution orden
friendship peoples order ussr n20319
friendshipnations ord n5506
glory order ussr 1st n20334
glory order ussr 2nd n20335
glory order ussr 3rd n20336
gold star medal ussr n20343
goldenstar medal n5980
goldenstar medal n5981
honour badge order ussr n20340
kutuzov ord n3652
kutuzov order rf
kutuzov order ussr 1st n20322
kutuzov order ussr 2nd n20323
kutuzov order ussr 2nd n20324
labour glory order ussr 1st n20345
labour glory order ussr 2nd n20346
labour glory order ussr 3rd n20347
lenin order ussr n20325
maternal glory order ussr 1st n20327
maternal glory order ussr 2nd n20328
maternal glory order ussr 3rd n20329
mother heroine order ussr n20326
nakhimov1st ord n5507
nakhimov order rf
nakhimov order ussr 1st n20341
nakhimov order ussr 2nd n20342
nesterov medal n5984
o1090 zaspasenie
o171 slava1
o246 otechvoina
o247 slava2
o249 slava3
o252 krasnoyeznamya
o26 otechvoina
o282 muzhestvo
o283 zaslugizvezda1
o284 zaslugiznak

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