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Russian Empire

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russia1796 eagle paul1 n18859
russia17c eagle2 medal n7257
russia17c eagle spasskayatower n7256
russia1800 eagle n18860
russia1800 eagle n7227
russia1801 eagle n7228
russia1812 eagle n7229
russia1812 eagle n7230
russia1812 eagle n7231
russia1819 eagle n7232
russia1821 eagle n7233
russia1825 eagle michaelcastle n7444
russia1827 eagle n7234
russia1830 eagle2 n18862
russia1830 eagle n18861
russia1834 eagle2 n18864
russia1834 eagle n18863
russia1835 eagle n7235
russia1836 eagle terempalace17c n7258
russia1840 eagle n7445
russia1844 eagle n197
russia1858 fl n83
russia1883 coa n90
russia18c coa n7777
russia1917 seal n2362
russia19c eagle n7236
russia bcoa 1882
russia coa 1830s n23698
russia eagle coa 17thc n31234
russia vasily3 seal n7260
russian empire coa 1790 n33053
russian empire coa 1790s n33269
vasily2 seal n4018
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