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Russian Empire

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rf g2
russia1472 eagle paleolog n7268
russia1514 eagle vasily3 n7261
russia1523 eagle vasily3 n7262
russia1550 eagle throne n7263
russia1561 eagle n8626
russia1582 eagle obverse n7264
russia1582 eagle reverse n7265
russia1589 eagle fyodor n7266
russia1599 eagle godunov n7267
russia1609 eagle lzhedmity2 n7237
russia1613 eagle n7238
russia1614 eagle map n7239
russia1625 eagle michael n7240
russia1628 eagle naluch n7241
russia1645 eagle aleksei n7242
russia1647 eagle book n7243
russia1647 eagle bregchtel n7290
russia1663 eagle mirrorarmour n7245
russia1665 leuven eagle n8627
russia1667 eagle n8628
russia1667 seal n8630
russia1678 eagle fyodor n7289
russia1684 eagle throne n7244
russia1690 eagle seal n7246
russia1697 eagle malorossiaseal n7247
russia1698 eagle standrew n7248
russia1698 korb eagle n8629
russia16c eagle n8631
russia1703 eagle magnitsky n7249
russia1703 eagle n18849
russia1704 eagle ruble n7250
russia1721 coa n18850
russia1721 peter1 seal n18851
russia1725 eagle polpoltiny n7251
russia1729 eagle coin n7252
russia1740 eagle seal n18852
russia1750 eagle n18853
russia1752 eagle redgates n18854
russia1755 eagle stamppaper n7253
russia1760 eagle n232
russia1762 eagle n18855
russia1762 peter3portrait n18856
russia1771 eagle 5kop n18857
russia1776 eagle ruble n18858
russia1783 eagle stamp n7254
russia1793 eagle charter n7255

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