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Rovno oblast (Rivne oblast)

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gubkiv selo coa
gubkiv selo fl
hlynki selo coa
horov selo coa
horov selo fl
klesov pgt coa
klesov pgt fl
klevan pgt coa
klevan pgt coa 1654
klevan pgt fl
knyahynyn selo coa
kolky selo coa
kolky selo fl
koloverty h
koloverty selo fl
korets city coa
korets city fl
koretskii rayon coa
koretskii rayon fl
kostopilskii rayon coa
kostopilskii rayon fl
kostopol city coa
kostopol city fl
kostopolskii rayon coa
kostopolskii rayon fl
kozin selo coa
kozin selo fl
kuznetsovsk city coa
kuznetsovsk city fl
kvasilov pgt coa
kvasilov pgt fl
lubikovichi selo coa
lubikovichi selo fl
mala lubasha selo coa
mala lubasha selo fl
malyi mydsk selo coa
malyi mydsk selo fl
malyi shpakiv selo coa
malyi shpakiv selo fl
malyi stydyn selo coa
malyi stydyn selo fl
malynsk selo coa
malynsk selo fl
marianivka selo coa
marianivka selo fl
marinin pos coa
marinin pos fl
mascha selo coa
mascha selo fl
mezhyrych selo coa

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