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Rovno oblast (Rivne oblast)

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rovenskii rayon coa
rovenskii rayon fl
rovno obl fl n6013
rusyvel selo coa
rusyvel selo fl
sarnenskyi rayon coa
sarnenskyi rayon fl
sarni pos coa
sarni pos fl
shpanov selo coa
shpanov selo fl
sosnivka selo coa
sosnove pgt fl
sosnovka pgt coa
spasov selo coa
spasov selo fl
staraya rafalovka pgt coa
staraya rafalovka pgt fl
stepan pgt coa XVI
stepan pgt fl
stepan town coa n18448
taikury selo coa
taykury selo fl
udritsk city coa
udritsk city fl
uizdci selo coa
uizdci selo fl
urvenna selo coa
veliki mezirichi city coa
veliki mezirichi selo fl
velikii mydsk selo coa
velikii mydsk selo fl
verba selo coa
verba selo fl
verhov selo coa
verhov selo fl
volodimirets pgt coa
volodimirets pgt fl
volodymyreckyi rayon coa
volodymyreckyi rayon fl
vysotsk selo coa
vysotsk selo fl
yapolot selo coa
yapolot selo fl
zarechie pgt coa
zarechie pgt fl
zarechinskii rayon coa
zarechinskii rayon fl
zarick selo coa
zarick selo fl

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