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Rovno oblast (Rivne oblast)

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mezhyrych selo fl
mezirich selo coa 1608
mihailovka selo coa XVIII
mizoch pgt coa 1761
mizoch pos coa
mizoch pos fl
mlinovskii rayon coa
mlinovskii rayon fl
myrne selo coa
myrne selo fl
nov moshchanitsa selo coa
nov moshchanitsa selo fl
novomalin pos coa
novomalin pos fl
novorodchyci selo coa
novorodchyci selo fl
obarov selo coa
obarov selo fl
orzev pgt coa
orzev pgt fl
ostrog city coa
ostrog city coa 1796
ostrog city coa XVI
ostrog city coa proj kene
ostrog city fl
ostrozskii rayon coa
ostrozskii rayon fl
penkov selo coa
penkov selo fl
pidluzhne selo coa
pidluzhne selo fl
piskiv selo coa
piskiv selo fl
ploska selo coa
postijne selo coa
postijne selo fl
pryvilne selo coa
radivilov city coa n18445
radivilov city fl n20589
radivilovskii rayon coa
radyvylivskyi rayon fl
rafalovka pos coa
rafalovka pos fl
rivnen o
rokytnivskyi rayon coa
rokytnivskyi rayon fl
rovenki city coa
rovenki city fl
rovenskaja obl fl 2005
rovenskaya obl coa 2005

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