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Rovno oblast (Rivne oblast)

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Goscha city coa
aleksandrija pos coa
aleksandrija pos fl
antopol selo coa
berezhnitsy selo coa
berezhnitsy selo fl
berezno city coa n18435
bereznovskii rayon coa
bereznovskii rayon fl
bilashiv selo coa
bilashiv selo fl
bilatychi selo coa
bilatychi selo fl
blazovo selo coa
blazovo selo fl
bohdashiv selo coa
bohdashiv selo fl
boremel selo coa XVIII
borshchivka selo coa
borshchivka selo fl
demidovka pgt coa
demidovka pgt fl
demidovskii rayon coa
demidovskii rayon coa1
demidovskii rayon fl
derazhne pgt coa
derazhne pgt fl
dubenskii rayon coa
dubenskii rayon fl
dubno city coa 1911
dubno city coa XVII XVIII
dubrovitsja city coa
dubrovitsja city fl
dubrovytskyi rayon coa
dubrovytskyi rayon coa2013
dubrovytskyi rayon fl
dubrovytskyi rayon fl2013
duksyn selo coa
duksyn selo fl
f1896 rovno city
f405 dubno city
g1710 rovno city
g404 dubno city
glinsk selo coa
glinsk selo fl
golovin selo coa
golovin selo fl
goscha city fl
gremyachee selo coa
gremyachee selo fl

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