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Poltava oblast

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beliki pgt coa
bogachka pgt coa 1777
cernuhinskii rayon coa
chernuhi pgt coa 1720
chigrin dubrova selo coa 1766
chornuhynskii rayon coa
chornuhynskii rayon fl
chutivka selo coa
chutivka selo fl
chutivskyi rayon coa
chutivskyi rayon fl
dykanskyi rayon coa
dykanskyi rayon fl
f1899 mirgorod city
g1897 mirgorod1782 city
g1898 mirgorod city
g407 poltava city
gadachskyi rayon coa
gadachskyi rayon fl
gadjach city coa 1669
gadjach city coa proj kene
gjadjach city coa
gjadjach city fl
goltva selo coa XVII XX
gorodische selo coa 1760
goroshin selo coa 1760
gradizsk city coa XVIII XX
grebinkivskii rayon coa
grebinkivskii rayon fl
hlobynskyi rayon coa
hlobynskyi rayon fl
homutets selo coa 1766
horol city coa 1782
kamyshnja pgt coa 1715
karlovka city coa
karlovka city fl
karlovskii rayon coa
karlovskii rayon fl
keleberda selo coa 1721
khorol city fl
khorolskii rayon coa
khorolskii rayon fl
kishenki selo coa 1721
kobelyaki2000 city coa n13259
kobelyaki city coa n3312
kobelyaki city fl n13260
kobelyaki rayon coa n12353
kobelyaki rayon fl n12354

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