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Penza Region

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kondol minucipality coa n11764
kondol minucipality fl n11765
kuzneckii rayon coa
kuzneckii rayon fl
kuznetsk1781 city coa n1314
kuznetsk city fl n22640
lopatino municipality coa n11766
lopatino municipality fl n11767
lopatinskii rayon coa
lopatinskii rayon fl
lunino pgt coa
lunino pgt fl
luninskii rayon coa
luninskii rayon fl
maloserdobinskiy rayon coa
maloserdobinskiy rayon fl
maloserdobinskiy selo coa
maloserdobinskiy selo fl
mokshan1781 city coa n6846
mokshan pos coa n10969
mokshan pos fl n10970
mokshanskii rayon coa
mokshanskii rayon fl
narovchat1781 city coa n6844
narovchatsky rayon coa
narovchatsky rayon fl
narovchatsky selo coa
narovchatsky selo fl
neverkino selo coa
neverkino selo fl
neverkinskii rayon fl
neverkinsky rayon coa
nijny lomov city coa
nijny lomov city fl
nikolsk city coa
nikolsk city fl
nikolskii rayon fl
nikolsky rayon coa
nikolsky rayon fl
nizhnelomovskii rayon coa
nizhnelomovskii rayon fl
nizhnylomov1781 city coa n1403
pachelma pgt coa
pachelma pgt fl
pachelmskii rayon coa
pachelmskii rayon fl
penza2001 city coa n8863

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