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Oryol Region

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pride glory r57 badge
shablykinskii rayon coa
shablykinskii rayon fl
soskovski rayon coa
soskovski rayon fl
sverdlovski rayon coa
sverdlovsky rayon fl
svo medal r57
svo medal r572
telchenskoe selo coa
telchenskoe selo fl
trosnianskii rayon coa
trosnianskii rayon fl
turgenev r57 medal
umvd oryol obl badge n21347
umvd oryol obl emb n21346
uritskii rayon coa
uritskii rayon fl
verhovie pos coa
verhovie pos fl
verhovskii rayon coa
verkhovskiy rayon fl
zalegoschinskii rayon coa
zalegoschinskii rayon fl
znamenka city coa
znamenka city fl
znamenskii rayon coa
znamenskii rayon fl

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