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Oryol Region

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57 bolhov
57 kromy
57 livny
57 maloarha
57 mcensk
57 novosil
bolkhovskii rayon coa
bolkhovskii rayon fl
dmitrovsk city coa
dmitrovskii rayon coa
dmitrovskii rayon fl
dolganskii rayon fl
dolgov city coa
dolgov city fl
dolzhanskii rayon coa
f orel city
g631 orel2 city
g786 orel city
g orel obl
gbmse oryol emb n25466
glazunovskii rayon coa
glazunovskii rayon fl
khotynets rayon coa n18910
khotynets rayon fl n18911
kolpnanskii rayon coa
kolpyansky rayon fl
korsakovskiy rayon coa
korsakovskiy rayon fl
krasnizorenskii rayon coa
krasnizorenskii rayon fl
kromskoi rayon coa
kromskoi rayon fl
kromy city coa
kromy city fl
livny city coa
livny city fl
livny rayon coa n10020
livny rayon fl n10021
maloarhangelskii rayon coa
maloarhangelskii rayon fl
mcenskii rayon coa
mcenskii rayon fl
mtsensk city coa
mtsensk city coa 1999
mtsensk city fl
mtsensk city fl 1999
novoderevenkovskii rayon coa
novoderevenkovskii rayon fl
novosil city coa
novosil city fl

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